Joe Thallemer

For Warsaw City Mayor

Joe Thallemer is dedicated to pursuing initiatives that are Good for Warsaw. As a Warsaw Community High School graduate and local business owner, Joe deeply understands the lives of local citizens, and his administration has been devoted to leveraging Warsaw’s existing strengths to continue improving and enriching the lives of those who live in this great community.

In the past several years, Warsaw has seen incredible growth driven by the success of the orthopedic companies and surrounding industries. This success has created a demand for a skilled, reliable workforce that will support our thriving local economy. During his time in office, Joe has been focused on attracting talent and sustaining growth in our community through the development of affordable housing and provision of training for these local career opportunities. To facilitate ongoing workforce growth, Joe wants to continue emphasizing community assets and making quality-of-life improvements that will consistently attract workers and their families to the Warsaw area.

May 7, 2019. We have gotten past the first hurdle, and it has certainly been an interesting past 6 months.

I want to think first of all Jill, my wonderful wife who has stood by me these last 6 months without faltering in her faith in the good people of Warsaw and in me. 

I also want to thank all of the people that helped us win this primary – the folks that made many many phone calls, the friends that helped with the signs, the folks that gave me encouragement and made donations, 

Most of all, to all of the citizens of Warsaw who have encouraged me during this primary and especially those that came out and voted for me and for the continued progress of Warsaw – Thank You.

I’m not going to lie, this has been a long and especially grueling campaign, but the fight was, and will be worth the struggle, once we get past November.

All our efforts need to turn once again as a unified community to work for the betterment our city and all the people that call Warsaw home.


Experience, Integrity, Commitment.

Joe Thallemer is endorsed by both the business leaders and the regular guys here in Warsaw. The ad to the right that ran in Saturday’s Times & Union shows just a small portion of the large group of people in our community that support Joe Thallemer for Mayor.

Mayor Joe Thallemer talks candidly and unrehearsed about the issues that Warsaw is facing and will be facing over the next 10 years and longer.  Join us on May 7th at the Center Lake Pavillion in voting for Joe to continue to lead our community toward a better future.

Joe Thallemer – Good for Warsaw.

Recorded on April 12, 2019

Joe Thallemer is also endorsed by his peers – other leaders from around Northern Indiana. They know that Warsaw is the envy of many other city leaders because of our growth and prosperity. They also recognize that Joe Thallemer’s leadership is much of the reason for Warsaw being where it is today.  Please endorse Joe Thallemer with your vote on May 7th.

Good For Warsaw

Joe Thallemer is dedicated to pursuing initiatives that are Good for Warsaw.

Working for the People of Warsaw

Here are a few of the recent accomplishments that have been Good For Warsaw under Mayor Joe’s administration:


Core Issues

There are 6 core issues that as a community, we need to address in the next four years to keep moving forward as a thriving and healthy city.

Core Issues

A Vision For The Future

Mayor Joe isn’t content with sitting on his past accomplishments, rather he has a plan to continue to move Warsaw forward and continue to make make it one of the best places to live, work and raise your kids in the Midwest.


Improving Quality Of Life In Our City

Warsaw is competing with warmer climates, mountainous scenery, and sandy beaches to attract a qualified, stable workforce in this community. One critical point of Joe’s plan is to highlight community assets in order to improve the quality of life in Warsaw...

U.S. 30 Congestion

Traffic safety along U.S. 30 is a primary concern for people in our community. More than 25,000 cars pass through local sections of the highway every day, and truck traffic continues to increase. U.S. 30 is an economic engine for Warsaw, but its regional...

Keeping Services High and Tax Rates Low

Joe’s team has been diligent about keeping costs down by leveraging public funds, sharing interdepartmental resources, and utilizing consultants to project future needs and maximize the power of the public’s tax dollars. Keeping taxes low while still...

Our Aging Infrastructure

The above are the cover and one page of the plans from 1899 of Warsaw's current sewage system. The most fiscally challenging issue our community faces is its aging utility infrastructure. Joe wants to focus on the expansion of our...

Strengthening Our Workforce

The orthopedic and surrounding industries have spurred significant growth in the Warsaw economy over past years. While the opportunities created by this growth have been beneficial for Warsaw, there is also an unprecedented demand for a skilled workforce....

Opioid Crisis

This deadly drug abuse problem is a huge threat to our community. While there is no easy solution, it is crucial to take steps toward overcoming the barriers to recovery. Joe has consistently supported awareness and education programs during his...

About Joe Thallemer

During the course of his administration, Joe Thallemer has been dedicated to pursuing changes that are Good for Warsaw—and he wants to continue moving forward with these initiatives. Each focus point of this campaign drives toward the singular goal of investing in our community and its members. As a Warsaw Community High School graduate and local business owner, Joe has always been committed to serving Warsaw citizens and making changes that will improve and enrich their lives.

Mission & Values

Mayor Joe carefully considers decisions he makes for our community based on his mission and values. He has proven his leadership by focusing on projects that are good for Warsaw. Joe uses the questions below to guide his team and ensure the best decision is made for our community:
  • How can we best use local public funding and are there state, federal, or private opportunities to multiply the impact our tax dollars can have?
  • How can collaboration with other public and private entities make our resources more effective?
  • How will the outcome of this project affect the overall population of Warsaw?
  • How does this project fit into our overall goal of growth for Warsaw and what impact will it have for residents both during and after completion?

Please Vote. Make yourself an informed voter, not based on emotion, speculation or half-truths, but on the facts and a proven record.


From the founding of this country the privilege to vote has been bought with the blood of our young men and women in uniform. Please do the right thing for America, do what is Good for Warsaw -PLEASE vote. 

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