Core Issues


Below are 6 core issues that as a community we need to continue to address in the next four years to keep moving forward as a thriving and healthy city. 


The reasoning for dealing with these issues is very simple – it is the right thing to do.


To address and overcome these issues is right for the children of the community. To address and overcome these issues is right for the families living in the community, and it is right for the businesses in the community.  While we are not alone in dealing with the issues that affect us as every city and town in the country has things to overcome, but we are alone in working as a team to deal with them here in OUR community as we make Warsaw a better place for everyone.

(In no particular order:)

Opioid Crisis

This deadly drug abuse problem is a huge threat to our community. While there is no easy solution, it is crucial to take steps toward overcoming the barriers to recovery. Joe has consistently supported awareness and education programs during his…

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Our Aging Infrastructure

The most fiscally challenging issue our community faces is its aging utility infrastructure. Joe wants to focus on the expansion of our sewage treatment plant and further management of road maintenance techniques. Waiting to handle the 

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Improving the Quality of Life in Our City

Warsaw is competing with warmer climates, mountainous scenery, and sandy beaches to attract a qualified, stable workforce in this community. One critical point of Joe’s plan is to highlight community assets in order to improve the quality of life in Warsaw…

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Keeping Services High and Tax Rates Low

Joe’s team has been diligent about keeping costs down by leveraging public funds, sharing interdepartmental resources, and utilizing consultants to project future needs and maximize the power of the public’s tax dollars. Keeping taxes low while still…

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U.S. 30 Congestion

Traffic safety along U.S. 30 is a primary concern for people in our community. More than 25,000 cars pass through local sections of the highway every day, and truck traffic continues to increase. U.S. 30 is an economic engine for Warsaw, but its regional…

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Strengthening Our Workforce

The orthopedic and surrounding industries have spurred significant growth in the Warsaw economy over past years. While the opportunities created by this growth have been beneficial for Warsaw, there is also an unprecedented demand for a skilled workforce….

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