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“Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer was joined by nearly every elected city official on Wednesday afternoon in a show of unity when they all filed for re-election.

Joining Thallemer were other incumbent Republican officeholders.

They included at-large councilwoman Cindy Dobbins, 1st District Councilman Jeff Grose, 4th District Councilman Jerry Frush, 5th District Councilwoman Diane Quance, 3rd District Councilman Michael Klondaris, at-large Councilman Jack Wilhite and Clerk-Treasurer Lynne Christiansen.

Klondaris, who filed Wednesday morning, joined the others for a group photo in the afternoon.

The mass filing happened hours after the election filing period began.

Thallemer said the move represents a sense of unity among city leaders.

“We here collectively supporting each others’ commitment to the future of Warsaw and we’re somewhat thankful for the past commitments of this group,” Thallemer said.

Thallemer passed along credit to Christiansen and council.

“A lot’s happened. Taxes are down. Population is up. We’re in good shape and it’s all because of the hard work and diligence of the council,” he said.

The only elected official not participating was 2nd District Councilman Ron Shoemaker, who has been considering a bid to challenge Thallemer for mayor.

Shoemaker, in his first term, was appointed about three years ago by a Republican caucus to fill the vacancy left after incumbent councilman Charlie Smith  died in a plane crash.

Shoemaker has voted against numerous proposals touted by Thallemer and said last summer that he was weighing a run for mayor.

Asked about Shoemaker’s absence, Thallemer said voters should determine for themselves what is happening.

Shoemaker said this morning he plans to make an announcement “within a week or so,” but was unclear if he would run for council or mayor.

Shoemaker was asked today if he was offered a chance to  participate in the unified filing event, and said he was aware of the group filing.

“Don’t let anyone read into that. There’s nothing to that,” he said.

Thallemer announced his intentions to seek a third term in late December, touting a pro-growth agenda while maintaining a flat tax rate for the past three years.”  Quoted in its entirety from the Times Union On-Line including photo credits